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173 hawala cases registered in J&K since 2001: Mehbooba via Dailyhunt
۔14 سالہ سہیل اور 86سالہ ولی محمد کی ایک ہی کہانی،PSAکی مہربانی via Dailyhunt
Pak hands over Indian jawan as goodwill gesture via Dailyhunt
3 LeT militants in WB sentenced to death via Dailyhunt

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kashmiri sentenced to death in Kolkata Indian court.

Three LeT militants sentenced to death


Kolkata, Jan 21: Three Lashkar-e-Taiba militants, including two Pakistani nationals arrested by BSF in 2007 from the Indo-Bangladesh border at Petrapole, were today sentenced to death by a court in Bongaon in West Bengal’s North 24-Parganas district in a case of waging war against the government.

Pakistani militants Mohammed Younus and Abdullah and an Indian, Muzaffar Ahmed Rathod, were sentenced to death by judge Binay Kumar Pathak of Bongaon fast track court-1.

The three have been booked under IPC Sections 120B (punishment of criminal conspiracy), 121 (waging, or attempting to wage war) and 122 (collecting arms with intention of waging war against the Government of India), CID DIG (Operations) Nishad Pervej told PTI.

Abdullah and Younus are residents of Pakistan’s Karachi and Haripur respectively, while Rathod hailed from Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag.

They were arrested by BSF while trying to enter India through its international border with Bangladesh at Petrapole on April 4, 2007.

“They had a plan to attack army camps in Jammu and Kashmir, but before they could proceed with their plan they were caught by BSF and handed over to Bangaon police station,” he said.

The probe found that all the four were well-trained in using AK-47 rifle, hand grenades and manufacturing bombs.

Sheikh Abdullah Nayeem alias Sameer from Maharashtra, another LeT militant who was also arrested along with them, had managed to flee in 2013 when he was being taken to Mumbai.

During investigation, it was found that Abdullah was a teacher while Sheikh Abdullah Nayeem was an engineer by profession. They were involved in an incident of bomb blast in Mumbai.

The three underwent polygraph tests, narco tests and brain mapping during the probe conducted by the state CID, he said..

Trail of Jammu prisoner from 12 years.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.
For the last 12 years 3 young men are languishing in Kot Bhalwal Jail Jammu as Undertrials.
Out of 18 witnesses only 9 have been examined by Sessions Court Kathua till date.
Courts are murdering Justice.This system is about to die its own death

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NIA court frames charges against terrorist Abu Jundal via Dailyhunt
Ishrat encounter: Court issues notice to CBI on Pandey's discharge plea via Dailyhunt
AIP delegation visits Kot Bhalwal Jail via Dailyhunt
Court refers plea for FIR against NC MLC to SHO via Dailyhunt
P/S Rajouri registers record 792 FIRs in 2016 via Dailyhunt
173 hawala cases registered in J&K since 2001: Mehbooba via Dailyhunt
173 hawala cases registered in J&K since 2001: Mehbooba via Dailyhunt
'26 killed, 158 injured in Pak shelling in 2 years' via Dailyhunt

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Justice BL Bhat appointed Judicial Member Armed Forces Tirbunal via Dailyhunt
NIA files charges against LeT operative accused of fuelling unrest in Kashmir via Dailyhunt

Monday, January 9, 2017

NIA chargesheet points to suspected LeT operative's Pakistan link via Dailyhunt
The Most Unwanted: A gripping account of Rohingya refugees living in India via Dailyhunt
PLEBISCITE IN KASHMIR Stillborn or Killed?- Part II via Dailyhunt
CRPF refuses to give details on pellet guns' use in Kashmir via Dailyhunt
Over 11,000 non-state subject families living in JK: Govt via Dailyhunt

Gh Qadir Butt The Lifer

Name: Ghulam Qadir Bhat
R/O Handwara.
Serving Life Detention at Kathua Jail.
Arrested in 1994.

He hails from a poor family and he had only one visitor who was his wife. His wife used to lend money from relatives and neighbours to visit her ailing husband. She also passed away the last year.  Ghulam Qadir Bhat who is in prison from more tha 20 years is suffering from back pain and he has become the diabetic and hypertensive patient. He had never been lodged in any of the valley jails from 1994-2015. His father and mother are too old to visit him.

Handicapped boy booked under PSA

Handicapped man booked under PSA languishes in jail By Reader Correspondent on January 9, 2017No Comment Share this on WhatsApp Bailed out by court in all cases, family seeks his release; DC says he uses motorised tricycle provided by govt to ‘create unrest’ By Aqib Ahmad Srinagar: A 29-year-old disabled man has been booked under the draconian Public Safety Act in Baramulla, after he was granted bail by a court in all cases the police had registered against him. A resident of Faquir Wani, Qadeem Eidgah, in Baramulla district, Tanveer Ahmad War was arrested by government forces on October 21 last year. His family contends that his arrest as well as his subsequent detention at police station Baramulla was without any justification. “Thereafter he was implicated in a case (FIR 151/2016 P/s Baramulla. He applied and was granted the bail by court but despite serving the bail order to the authorities concerned, he was not released but was implicated in another FIR registered at the police station,” says Tanveer’s wife in her petition before the high court. Tanveer, she said, applied for bail in the second FIR as well as the subsequent cases registered against him by the police. The court ordered his release on bail but on 8 December last year, he was shifted to police station Sheer where he was detained “illegally for several days,” she said. “While being in the illegal custody in police station Sheer, he was shifted to District Jail Kupwara to be detained under the PSA on the orders of the district magistrate Baramulla,” she said. The PSA order (197/DMB/PSA/2016P) was passed on 14 December 2016, a week after he was actually shifted to the Kupwara jail, she says. Tanveer’s left leg has been amputated and he walks with the help of crutches. He also suffers from multiple ailments, his wife said. Tanveer, as per the dossier not provided to him but obtained “unofficially” by his family from district magistrate Baramulla, has been accused of “vitiating the peaceful atmosphere and creating unrest that will ultimately lead to increasing violence.” “Though you are physically handicapped but with the help of your motorised tricycle which stands provided to you by the government, you have been repeatedly advocating the secessionist ideology and are active in disturbing the public order in Town Baramulla,” reads the dossier by the district magistrate. “Since in various sustentative offences you have been able to manage your release on bail, but the same has not prevented you from carrying out the anti-social activities,” the magistrate said and booked him under the PSA. Tanveer’s wife through advocate Mir Shafaqat Hussain has challenged the detention order before the high court on number of grounds, terming it as “bad in the eyes of law” and allegations against him “vague and non-existent.” “The allegations are such that no prudent man can make representation against such allegations and passing of detention order on such grounds is unjustified and unreasonable,” she said and demanded quashing of district magistrate’s order and directions for immediate release of her husband. She has also demanded a compensation of Rs 10 lakh from the state government for “illegal” detention of her husband. The high court, on December 30, issued a notice calling for a response by the government to the plea. It also directed the authorities to provide complete medical facilities to Tanveer. The PSA was enacted in 1978 and it enables the government to detain any person without a trial for varied periods up to two years. It has been described as ‘lawless law’ by the Amnesty International and post Hizb commander Burhan Wani’s killing on July 8, 463 people were booked under this law. As per the information provided by the government in ongoing budget session of the legislature, of them 145 persons released and 318 continue to languish in jail under the draconian law.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

سال2016 via Dailyhunt
امسال168دن ہڑتال رہی via Dailyhunt
بڑے بھائی کے لاپتہ ہونے کا صدمہ چھوٹا بھائی برداشت نہ کرسکا via Dailyhunt
تحریک حریت کا قائمقام ضلع صدر کپوارہ گرفتار via Dailyhunt
ہندوارہ میں جنگجو گرفتار via Dailyhunt
گاندربل میں نوجوان گرفتار via Dailyhunt
مارچ 2016سے اب تک ،ہتھیار چھیننے کے 16واقعات رونما via Dailyhunt
ایجی ٹیشن2016کے دوران پتھراﺅ کے2616واقعات رونما via Dailyhunt
آلسٹینگ کے شہری کی گرفتاری اورجموں منتقلی کیخلاف مقامی لوگوں کا احتجاج،فوری رہائی کا مطالبہ via Dailyhunt

Friday, January 6, 2017

Security forces arrests militant from Kashmir; a close associate of dead LeT Commander Abu Akbar via Dailyhunt
Sopore records highest number of stone pelting incidents via Dailyhunt
Over 260 buildings including 35 schools damaged during unrest in Kashmir via Dailyhunt

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سرجان برکاتی کی نظربندی رد،10 لاکھ ہرجانہ کا مطالبہ

’پیلٹ بلٹ نا بھئی نا ‘ نعرے کے موجدسرجان برکاتی4ماہ سے قید 
کولگام اور شوپیان اضلاع میں بغیر توثیق بیک وقت سیفٹی ایکٹ نافذ کئے گئے
سرکار سے جواب طلب ،قانون حبس کے اطلاق پر امتناع ،رہائی کا حکم 

اظہر رفیقی // سرینگر// منفرد انداز بیان اور نئے نعروں اور ترانوں کے موجد سرجان برکاتی پر دو اضلاع میں الگ الگ سیفٹی ایکٹ کا نفاذ قانونی حلقوں میں موضوع بحث بنا ہوا ہے ۔اس معاملے میں عدالت عالیہ نے بھی حیرانگی کااظہار کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ ایک ہی فرد پر دو اضلاع میں کس طرح سیفٹی ایکٹ کا نفاذ عمل میں لایا جارہا ہے اور حکومت کی طرف سے منظوری کے بغیر اس قانون کا اطلاق کیوں کر کیا گیا ۔سرجان برکاتی پر کولگام ضلع مجسٹریٹ کی طرف سے سیفٹی ایکٹ کا نفاذ عمل میں لایا گیا تھا اور وہ اس وقت کوٹ بلوال جیل میں اسی سیفٹی ایکٹ کے تحت قید ہیں تاہم اس دوران انکشاف ہوا ہے کہ انتظامیہ نے مذکورہ لیڈر پر عائد سیفٹی ایکٹ کی توثیق ہی نہیں کی تھی جبکہ اس دوران شوپیان ضلع مجسٹریٹ کی طرف سے بھی ان پر اسی قانون کا اطلاق عمل میں لایا ہے اور اس پر اگرچہ حکومت کی مہر تصدیق ثبت ہے،تاہم اسے رو بہ عمل نہیں لایا گیا۔عدالت عالیہ نے شوپیان ضلع مجسٹریہٹ کی طرف سے سرجان برکاتی پر عائد کئے گئے سیفٹی ایکٹ کے اطلاق پر امتناع جاری کیا ہے جبکہ کولگام ضلع مجسٹریٹ کے سیفٹی ایکٹ آرڈر کے حوالے سے سرکار سے جواب طلب کیا ہے ۔سرجان برکاتی کے کیس کی پیروی کررہے معروف وکیل ایڈوکیٹ شفقت حسین نے ایک ہی فرد پر دو اضلاع میں سیفٹی ایکٹ کے اطلاق اور اسکے بعد حکومت کی طرف سے عدم توثیق کے باوجود ان کے مئوکل کی حراست کو غیر قانونی قرار دیا ہے اور سرکار کے اس طرز عمل کو چیلینج کرتے ہوئے مئوکل کے حق میں10لاکھ روپے ہرجانے کا تقاضا کیا ہے ۔ایڈوکیٹ شفقت کا کہنا ہے کہ سیفٹی ایکٹ کا غلط استعمال کرکے انکے مئوکل کو بلا وجہ غیر قانونی طور پر حبس بے جا میں رکھا گیا ہے ۔ایجی ٹیشن 2016میں جنوبی کشمیر میں عوامی ریلیوں کے روح رواں قرار دئے گئے سرجان برکاتی کو چار ماہ قبل گرفتار کیا گیا تھا اور انہیں سیفٹی ایکٹ کے تحت کوٹ بلوال جموں منتقل کیا گیا جہاں وہ آج تک قید ہیں ۔سرجان برکاتی نے عوامی ریلیوں کے دوران حکومت مخالف نعروں کی ایجاد میں نام کمایا تھا اور اس دوران وہ بڑی بڑی عوامی ریلیاں منعقد کرانے میں اہم رول ادا کرنے کیلئے مشہور ہوئے ۔انہوں نے کئی نئے ترانے بھی متعارف کرائے اور اپنے مخصوص و منفرد انداز بیان سے لوگوں خاص کر نوجوانوں کو اپنی طرف راغب کرنے میں کامیاب رہے ۔یہ پیلٹ ویلٹ نا بھئی نا،یہ سیفٹی ویفٹی نا بھئی نا ،انہی کے متعارف کرائے گئے نعرے ہیں ،جو کشمیر اور بیرون وادی سوشل میڈیا پر بہت مشتہر ہوئے ۔عدالت عالیہ نے جیل حکام سے اس بات کی وجہ طلب کی ہے کہ سرجان برکاتی کو کس قانون کے تحت 4ماہ تک کوٹ بلوال جیل میں مقید رکھا گیا ہے ۔

Zubair Turay Shopian.

Read and Share ...
Zubair Ahmed Turray From Bonabazar Shopain Arrested  On April 2014 During Parliment Elections And Was Slapped With PSA...
But He Is Still In Prison from 2014 ...
Currently He Was Shifted to Sgr Central Jail....

N Kalwal and A Ayaz 's PSA quashed

🅰🅿ℹ|| Ayaz Akbar, Noor Kalwal released, rearrested

HC had quashed their PSA

Jammu, Jan 02 :
Police today on Thursday rearrested senior separatist leader and Hurriyat (G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar soon after he was released from Kot-Balwal jail on the High Court directions.
Family sources confirmed to local news Agency that Akbar was released from the jail but taken to CIJ.
Meanwhile, JKLF leader Noor Muhammad Kalwal was also released from the jail, but was again rearrested.
On December 30, last year, Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar of the High Court had quashed the PSA of Ayaz Akbar and directed the authorities to release him.
Advocate Shafqat Hussain was pleading the case of Ayaz Akbar.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nearly 9000 corruption complaints gather dust with DVOs of various deptts - Early Times

Nearly 9000 corruption complaints gather dust with DVOs of various deptts - Early Times

Says she was wrongly booked in militancy case - Early Times

NEW DETAILS Says she was wrongly booked in militancy case Woman alleges rape by cop, his brother Early Times Report Jammu, Jan 2: Alleging that she was raped by a police cop and his brother, a woman, hailing from remote Arbais village of Mahore, Reasi, today claimed that she had been wrongly implicated in a militancy case. Talking to media persons here today, she said, "My husband had taken a wrong path and got killed in a militant related activity, but that does not mean that I am not a nationalist. I am an Indian first and then a Muslim. I have a son and my aim is to make him an Army person to serve the nation." She alleged that a police head constable, who was presently posted at Arbais police post, and his brother, both residents of Arbais, were having a bad eye on her. "The cop wanted to marry me and develop physical relations with me. To please me, he provided me a number of SIM cards, but when I refused to have any kind of relationship with him, he got annoyed," the woman said and alleged that the cop had links with militants and was also arrested in a murder case. "In May 2016, I was returning to my in-laws' house from the parental house when the cop and his brother appeared on the scene and forcibly took me to a nearby house where they raped me. I was mentally shattered by the incident and even tried to jump from the rooftop to end my life, but both caught me from the hair, dragged me and then tied with ropes. Thereafter with the help of concerned police, they got me implicated in a false case. When I was taken to JIC, I narrated the whole incident to my interrogators who then assured me action against the cops, his brother and others, but no action was taken on the intervention of a senior police officer," she alleged, saying that she was later released by the court. She said when police took no action against the cop and his brother, she moved court which then directed the concerned police to investigate the matter under section 156(3) of CrPC. The woman alleged that after the registration of a case aginst them under sections 342 and 376 of RPC, they had been threatening her and also trying to bribe her. She has called upon chief minister Mehbooba Mufti and DGP to help her get justice. She said being a woman herself, the chief minister could better understand her plight. If action was not taken against the cop and his brother, they might attempt on my and my son's lives, she said. Says she was wrongly booked in militancy case - Early Times

Monday, January 2, 2017

At Biswak in Bihar, an Urs in memory of Yusuf Shah Chak via Dailyhunt
سی بی آئی کا عدالت عالیہ کے سامنے انکشاف via Dailyhunt
روبینہ اور اسکے شیر خوار بچے کی روداد انسانی المیہ :عدالت عالیہ via Dailyhunt
سال جو بیت گیا.! via Dailyhunt
پیلٹ، بلٹ اور شلوں کا سال2016 via Dailyhunt
۔2016میں160عساکر جاں بحق via Dailyhunt
۔2016بیرون ریاست مقیم کشمیریوں پربھی بھاری ثابت! via Dailyhunt
امسال168دن ہڑتال رہی via Dailyhunt
بڑے بھائی کے لاپتہ ہونے کا صدمہ چھوٹا بھائی برداشت نہ کرسکا via Dailyhunt
Court convicts 2 for sale of adulterated turmeric via Dailyhunt

30 12

Justice Koul Commission submits report on 2010 killings via Dailyhunt
Abandoned and 'stateless', Pakistani mother-daughter duo languish in Jammu jail via Dailyhunt

Soldiers arrested for impersonating Militants in extortion case at Qazigund

Posing as Hizb militants, 2 soldiers among 4 booked for extortion
In his compliant, Dr Bilal said two persons entered his house on past Sunday when he was out of station to attend a conference and extorted money from the inmates after posing as Hizb militants.
Islamabad (Anantnag) | Posted : Jan 2 2016 1:00AM | Updated: Jan 2 2016 12:12AM

Representational Pic
Police on Friday booked four persons, including two Army soldiers, for extorting money from people in this South Kashmir district after posing as HizbulMujahideen militants.
“Both the soldiers are locals, Muhammad Yusuf Teli and Muhammad RafiqKhanday. They have been arrested and a case of extortion has been registered against them,” said Station House Officer, Qazigund Police Station, Parvez Ahmad.

He said the two civilians Muzaffar Ahmad and Nisar Ahmad have also been arrested.
“A case vide FIR No. 303 U/S 34, 386 and 452 of RPC stands registered against them and further investigations are underway,” said the SHO.

Acting on a complaint from Dr Bilal Beg of KhrewanMalpora village, police in Qazigund registered a case against two civilians and arrested them. After investigations, the role of two Army soldiers—working in Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Batallion (JAKLI) and attached to 19 RR Larkipora camp—also came to the fore, a police official said.  The duo was arrested on Thursday.
In his compliant, Dr Bilal said two persons entered his house on past Sunday when he was out of station to attend a conference and extorted money from the inmates after posing as Hizb militants.
“The armed persons looked for me, but my sister and brother-in-law, who were in the house, told them that I was in New Delhi. They took Rs 32,000 from them and left,” Dr Bilal, who works as orthopedician in Health department, said. “One of them was masked and the other had his face visible.”
Dr Bilal said on Tuesday, his sister—who works as dental surgeon in Qazigund Emergency Hospital—spotted one of the two persons at the hospital who happened to be Muzaffar Ahmad of NasuBadragund village. Police later arrested him along with his accomplice Nisar Ahmad.
Meanwhile, Dr Bilal’s neighbor Muhammad YousufTeli (the army soldier) along with his family approached Dr Bilal and tried to apologize. “He (Teli) told me that the gun used during extortion belonged to him and that army will sack him. He urged me to withdraw the case. I instantly informed police about this,” Dr Bilal said. 
SHO Pravez said: “During investigation, Teli named another Army man, RafiqKhanday. It came to the fore that the accused had earlier extorted Rs 37,500 from another senior doctor in Monghal village of Anantnag (Islamabad), DrIsaq Mir.”
Dr Mir, who identified the accused later, said they extorted money from him on same Sunday night.
“The accused have also admitted that they extorted some Rs 2000 from another family of Laram village,” said the SHO.
Superintendent of Police Kulgam told Greater Kashmir that matter is under investigation.
An Army spokesperson said: “We will look into the complaint.”

Mentally-challenged man thrashes women in Budgam village in Kashmir, detained. via Dailyhunt
Do Jammu & Kashmir High Court judges take oath to uphold Constitution: Delhi High Court via Dailyhunt

Kashmir Unrest: Repair damaged schools, HC to govt 47 arrest in this connection: Police Srinagar:

Kashmir Unrest: Repair damaged schools, HC to govt
47 arrest in this connection: Police

Srinagar:  Directing government to repair all school buildings which were damaged in about five month long unrest in the valley, Jammu and Kashmir High Court (HC)  said like water and air, education is an essential component of human life.
Meanwhile, police has informed the court that 47 persons, allegedly involved in setting ablaze or damaging schools in the valley during the unrest.
For moral, spiritual and material development of a human being, education is of utmost importance, a division bench of the HC comprising Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar and Justice Alok Aradhe said on a petition. 
The court directed state government to take immediate steps for reconstruction or repairing schools which were burnt down or damaged during the unrest in Kashmir.
However, the court asked the people to ensure that the educational institutions in their areas are protected from being damaged or burnt.
Additional Advocate General (AAG), B A Dar submitted that all the directions passed by the court from time to time were being complied by the government.
The AAG said he will file two copies of reports provided by the School Education Department (SED) in compliance to the court orders within three weeks.
The court said that education is not relevant only for present times but it has been relevant for the human beings from the advent of human history.
The court said that illiteracy breeds ignorance and illiterate people are susceptible to all kinds of exploitations. Like water and air, education is an essential component of human life. For moral, spiritual and material development of a human being, education is of utmost importance, the court observed and directed the government to take immediate steps for reconstruction of the burnt and damaged schools.
The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kashmir, in the status report said that three more arrests were made by the police in the second fortnight of December, taking the number of those involved in burning of schools to 47.
The police chief in Kashmir said that Special Investigating Teams (SITs) have been stressed upon to ensure that the investigation of the cases are conducted as per the highest standards of investigation by collecting sufficient evidences against the those involved to award exemplary punishment to them.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Many relesaed.

HC quashes PSA of  Muslim league District Cheif Pulwama, Directed his Immedaite Release.
The Jammu and Kashmir High Court Saturday quashed Public Safety Act (PSA) of Muslim League District Cheif Pulwmama Abdul Rashid Dar Kulpori and directed his immediate release.
The judgment about the case was  announced  today by Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar after his counsel Advocate Nasir Qadri Challanged it .
Zaki seb Sopore of AAC released. ABDUL rashid Lone Telbal

سال 2016



حقوق پامالیوں پر حریت کی رپورٹ جاری نیوزڈیسک سرینگر//حریت (ع) کی طرف سے جاری کی گئی رپورٹ کے مطابق سال 2016 میں مختلف تشدد آمیز واقعات کے دوران 389 افراد جاں بحق ہوئے جن میں 151 عام شہری شامل تھے اوران میں سےے119 افراد سرکاری فورسز کے ہاتھوں مارے گئے ۔ حریت (ع) چیئرمین میرواعظ عمر فاروق نے تنظیم کے شعبہ حقوق انسانی کی جانب سے سا ل 2016ء میں پیش آئے خونین واقعات اور حقوق انسانی کی خلاف ورزیوں سے عبارت اعدادو شمار پر مشتمل رپورٹ ذرائع ابلاغ کیلئے جاری کی ۔ شعبہ حقوق انسانی کے سربراہ منان بخاری کی قیادت میں تیار کردہ رپورٹ میں تفصیل کے ساتھ سال 2016ء خصوصاً گزشتہ چند مہینوں کی عوامی احتجاجی تحریک کے دوران ہوئی ہلاکتوں ، زخمیوں ،پیلٹ گن اور ٹیئر گیس شیلز لگنے کی وجہ سے ہوئی اموات ، زخمی ہوئے افراد اور سرکاری فورسز کے ہاتھوں گرفتار شدگان کا تفصیل کے ساتھ ذکر کیا گیا ہے۔50 صفحات پر مشتمل رپورٹ کے مطابق سال 2016ء میں مختلف تشدد آمیز واقعات کے دوران 389 افراد جاں بحق ہوئے جن میں 151 عام شہری شامل تھے اور ان میں سے119 افراد سرکاری فورسز کے ہاتھوںجان بحق کئے گئے ۔ان میں سے2 ماورائے عدالت کارروائیوں کے دوران،18 جاں بحق شدہ افراد کے جسموں پر پیلٹ گن کے شدید زخم موجود تھے۔ رپورٹ کے مطابق8 افراد ٹیر گیس شل لگنے کی وجہ سے جاں بحق ہو ئے،5 افراد فورسز کے چھاپوں کے دوران خوف و ہراس اور حرکت قلب بند ہونے کی وجہ سے جان سے گئے،4 افراد سرکاری فورسز کے تعاقب سے بچنے کے دوران غرق آب ہوئے ،ایک شخص ٹیر گیس کے دھوئیں سے دم گھٹنے کی وجہ سے جبکہ دو افراد کراس فائرنگ کے دوران اور13 افراد نامعلوم بندوق برداروں کے ہاتھوں جاں بحق ہوئے۔ اس دوران 14 افراد' جموںوکشمیر میںآر پار فائرنگ جبکہ 3 افراد مبینہ طور پر حادثات میں جاں بحق ہوئے۔ رپورٹ میںکہا گیا کہ سال 2016 میںسرکاری فورسز کی فائرنگ کے نتیجے میں16000سے زائد افراد زخمی جن میں 70 فیصد افراد پیلٹ لگنے کی وجہ سے زخمی ہوئے ۔1200افراد سے زائد کی ایک آنکھ بیکا ر ہو گئی جن میں نوجوان ،بچے ، بڑے بزرگ اور خواتین شامل ہیں ۔40 افراد کی دونوں آنکھوں کی بینائی پیلٹ گن لگنے کی وجہ سے متاثر ہوئی جبکہ سینکڑوں فورسز کی تشدد آمیز کارروائی کے دوران زخمی ہوئے ۔رپورٹ کے مطابق اس دوران3300 سے زائد فورسز اہلکار بھی زخمی ہوئے۔ چونکہ زخمیوں کی صحیح تعداد کا پتہ لگنے میں ابھی وقت لگے گا اور اس بارے میں صحیح اعداد و شمار عنقریب منظر عام پر لائیں جائیں گے ۔رپورٹ میں کہا گیا کہ سال2016 میں سرکاری فورسز نے 13000 سے زائدافراد کو گرفتار اور تقریباً670 افراد جن میں کمسن لڑکے بھی شامل ہیں ، کوPSA کے تحت گرفتار کئے گئے جبکہ سرکاری سطح پر صرف 14 واقعات کی تحقیقات کے حوالے سے تفتیش کا حکم دیا گیا

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Many leaders released.

Police today released. Shabir Shah,  Master Afzal, Showkat Bashi and Afzal Mir Trehgam

*Wanted TeH District President Guroo arrested by Sopore Police*

*Wanted TeH District President Guroo arrested by Sopore Police*

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat District President Abdul Ghani Bhat alias Gani Goor was today arrested by police during a Nakka in Sopore town.

SP Sopore, Harmeet Singh told Varmul Post that during a nakka laid by police near Sopore college Abdul Gani was arrested after evading arrests many times

Earlier, court had issued arrest warrants against Guroo but he has been evading arrest.

Guroo, who is in his sixties was involved in organising pro-freedom rallies in and around Sopore

Elderly man accuses police officer of  ‘physical torture’

Elderly man accuses police officer of  ‘physical torture’

Srinagar, Dec 28, : An elderly man from Droor hamlet of Tangmarg town of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district Wednesday alleged that Station House Officer Police Station Tangmarg ‘tortured’ him physically inside police station without any provocation.

    Muhammad Shaban Magray (55) along with his family appeared here in Press Enclave Srinagar and protested against the police officer. He told news agency CNS that SHO Tangmarg Sadaf Ali called his newphew Farooq Ahmed Magray to police station on Tuesday. “I along with the brother of the Farooq Ahmed accompanied the later and as we entered into the premises of police station, SHO Sadaf Ali without uttering a word started beating Farooq Ahmed. When I requested SHO to stop, he dragged me inside the police station and thrashed me mercilessly. He treated me as an animal and even didn’t show respect to my age,” Muhammad Shaban Magray said.

    “We even don’t know why Farooq was called to police station and why we were tortured,” Magray said while showing his wounds on his body.

    Station House Officer Police Station Tangmarg while terming the allegations baseless said that everybody has a right to protest. “Farooq was called to police station in connection with a case. I didn’t beat anyone inside the police station,” he told CNS.

Rajiv Nepali

rajiv nepali 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Two youths of Srinager arrested from Airport.

Police Tuesday arrested two youth at Srinagar airport when they were on way to board a flight to New Delhi.

Sources said that two youth identified as Aamir Ahmad Bhatof old city’s Srinagar and Waseem Ahmad Malik a resident of Brari Pora Srinagar were stopped at the main gate by Special Operations Group (SOG) of Jammu and Kashmir Police.

The duo was arrested and taken to police station Nowhatta.

Police sources said that both of them were wanted in stone pelting cases.

Family sources of the detained youth confirmed the arrest and said that only Aamir was leaving the state and was going to Goa where he works in a private company.

Driving the vehicle, Waseem was accompanying Aamir to the airport only. ( courtesy Kashmirlife)

14 Years on family searching for head, who had disappeared after arrest by BSF.

14 years on:

Mother Daughter duo looking for ‘disappeared’ family head

Srinagar,  Dec 27, CNS: From past 14 years the hapless mother daughter duo are looking for the head of their family who was allegedly picked up by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) personnel from Fathekadal area of Srinagar city in 2002 and since then the family doesn’t know about his whereabouts.

     Naseema Akhtar and her 13 year old daughter Shazia Akhtar told news agency CNS that they don’t know about the fate of  Syed Anwar but are hopeful of his return one day.

    “I was married to a Kupwara resident Syed Anwar Shah who was a painter by profession. We were putting up in a rented house at Malapora Fathekadal in Srinagar city. As usual my husband left for work in 2002 and was picked up by BSF men and since then we don’t know about his fate. My only daughter was two months older when this incident occurred,” Naseema said adding that an FIR stands registered in police station Zainakadal about the disappearance of her husband.

    Naseema Akhta, a resident of Ashmuqam hamlet of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district said that she wandered from pillar to post in search of her husband. “He was a simple person who in no way was affiliated with any militant group. I suffered immensely. Whatever property my husband had in Kupwara was grabbed by his brothers and I was forced to move to my parent’s house along with my daughter,” she said.

    “We (mother and daughter) have been living with a hope that Anwar Sahab may emerge from somewhere someday. I don’t believe he has been killed. My heart says he is alive. He may be in some prison,” she said.

    Naseema said that all the expenses incurring on the education of her 13 year old daughter is borne out by the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons. (CNS)

Hyderabad: NIA charge-sheets put forth preachers' role via Dailyhunt

قید وبند کا لامتناہی سلسلہ جاری:تحریک حریت

Ubaid Rehman Of Sopore ThK arrested

Ubaid Rehman Of Sopore ThK arrested
Zaingair Sopore

Hakim U rahman Sultani R/O Bomia Sopore  ( Tehreek-e-hurriyat G) arrested Today At Bomia Zaingair sopore Area of North Kashmir Baramul